Why Your Home Needs the Best Roofing Company in Birmingham Michigan

For many roofing concerns like a few damaged shingles or a detached section of rain-gutter, most homeowners feel that any reputable roofing company will do. But there’s a big difference between a team that’s apt for replacing hail-marked shingles and a team capable of a full-scale home roof renovation. Whether you’re repairing major damage, remodeling your garage, or adding a skylight, settling for just any roofing company is an unwise decision.

As a savvy homeowner, you know that your choice of home contractors matters a great deal. These will be people with access to your house, and who will ultimately determine how your roof looks, whether it leaks or is structurally sound, and the amount of time before you’ll next need a full roof reinstallation. This is why local homeowners should always seek out the best roofing company in Birmingham Michigan.

Today, we’re here to talk about not just why you deserve the best, but specific reasons why many Birmingham homeowners seek out the best local roofers rather than deciding solely based on the lowest quote. Join us in exploring why a top-quality roofer is important in every roofing project, big or small.

You Don’t Have Time to Wait Months for Roofing

Scheduling is one of the most notoriously common troubles that homeowners have with roofing services. A service that allows themselves to be booked solid with little jobs may not be available for months into the future. Especially during the best months for roofing in the spring and summer. You may well have found a reasonably reliable roofer who bid low for the project, but are they actually available?

Your project deserves a roofing company that can make time for your home’s needs. If you need repairs and your home is at risk of leaking in the next rain, you don’t have months to wait! And if you’re planning a big remodel project, you don’t want to put the entire rest of the work on hold just to wait months for busy roofers.

The best roofing company in Birmingham would never put you off for months. With smart scheduling and enough teams ready to serve, it’s possible for a savvy roofing company to make time for both the high-demand for springtime roof repairs and to schedule big roofing projects with homeowners who were just waiting for the weather to warm up to begin.

You Need Experts Who Know Their Stuff

A roofing project is no project to do by the seat of your pants. That’s why you’re looking to hire professional roofers in the first place. Because you know that even a few shingle replacements, done wrong, can damage your roof and become the potential source of leaks. And the bigger the roofing project, the more you will be relying on your roofer’s expertise and project management to make sure your roof is perfect when complete.

This means that you need roofers who know their stuff. Not just about laying shingles, but how to redesign a roof for new features, how to repair old roof features with new materials, and how to build a roofing plan that will ensure every step of the work is perfect along the way. The last thing you want is to face slow or shoddy work after signing the contract. So whether you need roofers who can help you get renovation building plans completed and approved or just need extensive roof repairs, you need roofers who know exactly what they’re doing and how to make it all work on time with the projected schedule.

You Want to Do Something Unusual With Your Roof

Speaking of big projects and the need for detailed plans, many homeowners actually need more than a simple repair or a basic roof reinstallation. Renovations, big repairs, or renovations inspired by the need for big repairs will also mean a lot of communication with your roofers.

An experienced roofing team will be able to handle not just basic roof maintenance, but will also be able to help you make a complicated roofing project into a reality. Maybe you want to expand and renovate your attic into a suite of rooms. Or perhaps a tree branch that fell through your roof is the perfect opportunity add that skylight you always wanted. But whatever your desires are for the roofing project, you need a team that can understand your goals and build an actionable project plan to make that dream a reality.

Average local roofers may not have the skills, imagination, or structural know-how to do more than the basics. But working with the best roofing company in Birmingham Michigan, you can have anything your heart desires. Within architectural reason.

You Know a Reliable Local Roofer Protects You From Roofing Scams

No doubt, you’ve heard at least a few warnings about watching out for roofing scams. In places like Birmingham where seasonal storms can wreak havoc on roofs all over the region, it’s not uncommon for cut-rate “roofing” teams to go door-to-door offering discount repairs. This kind of offer can seem too good to be true (because it is) and unreasonably tempting for a homeowner who has been fretting about finding a roofing service to take care of repairs.

But taking these scam artists up on their offer is like seeing a door-to-door discount doctor for your broken leg. And as homeowner in-the-know, you’re also aware that — like having a regular doctor — having a reliable local roofer who is your go-to call for roofing concerns can keep you safe from these scammers.

When you know there’s a skilled professional roofing team only a phone call away, there’s no need to even entertain the idea of hiring door-to-door roofers. You know that you’re much better off with a team you know, who knows the ins and outs of your roof and is guaranteed to deliver high-quality roofing service every time.

You Want to Know Exactly What to Expect

When you need a big roofing repair or have a renovation in action, it can be pretty worrying to see all those roofers swarming over your house. But that worry isn’t usually actual fear for your home or roof, just a general fear of the unknown. You wonder what the roofers are up to, when your roof will be closed up again, and how long it will take to do wrap-up after the roof looks done from the outside.

Working with an average to sub-par roofing company can mean working with a project manager who is unavailable or avoids answering customer questions. Which can allow your worries to grow over time without answers until you really are worried about whether your roof will be OK in the end. But working with the best roofers in Birmingham, you have nothing to worry about. A great roofing company will not only be available to answer your questions, but they will start by giving you a clear and precise outline of how the project will go down

By remembering this timeline, you’ll be able to follow along, knowing that your roof will be closed by day two, your carport roof will be done by day three, and the roofers will be completely cleaned up and cleared out by noon on day four is a lot more fun than simply being left to wonder what is going on.

You Need Your New Roof to Comply with HOA Codes

Nearly 80% of all new construction US homes are in HOA neighborhoods, and that trend has only been rising. This means that most single-family homes (and duplexes, for that matter) are inside an HOA. And you know what that means: CC&Rs. Almost every HOA in the nation has at least a few rules about how a house can be built and what it must look like when renovation projects are done. This makes it -very- important who you choose to work with when contracting a roofing company.

Fortunately, expert experienced roofers won’t even miss a beat if you say there are HOA regulations they have to comply to. This is because no matter how specific your HOA rules are, they likely aren’t any stranger or more constricting than other HOAs your roofing company has worked with in the past. In fact, one of the benefits of hiring the local Birmingham roofers is that the team will likely already be familiar with the rules for homes in -your- HOA. Which means achieving your goals and remaining CC&R compliant will be a breeze instead of the hassle you might run into with an inexperienced roofing team who is unfamiliar with HOA requirements.

You Want to Learn About Roofing During the Project

Are you a DIY enthusiast who loves learning new home construction skills? Many people who become proud homeowners start to pick up DIY skills along the way to make their own custom changes to the house. You may already be a decent hand at carpentry, drywall repairs, plumbing , or even a little electrician work inside the home. But roofing is one of those things you don’t want to take any chances on.

Most DIY enthusiasts hire professional roofers to make sure the job is done right, but that doesn’t mean you have to put down your DIY ambitions. When you’re working with the best roofing company in Birmingham Michigan, you don’t have to wait in the wings. Your project manager will be available to answer any questions you have, not just about pricing and scheduling but also explaining the details of your roofing project down to the shingles and roofing nails.

If you want to know how to properly apply a shingle, or what’s going on in your attic that influences the roof quality, a great roofing team will be happy to explain this to you, show you how it’s done, and how you can tell top-quality roofing when you see it. While you may never become a one-DIYer roofing team, working with the best roofers around can allow you to learn more about roofing in a few days than you could learn from books in two years.

You Need the Worksite to be Safe for Residents

Roofing worksite (aka: your home during roofing) are not always safe. Debris falls off of the roof, and roofers actually need to fling debris into a big pile. Probably somewhere in your driveway. However, this can also mean that it’s less safe for residents to live in the house while it is experiencing roofing. Many people stay in a hotel or visit friends during major roofing, but sometimes it’s absolutely necessary to keep living in your house while roofing is going on.

And if this is true, you need your roofers to show extra care when it comes to resident safety. Especially if you have children and pets who will need to be able to come and go from the house from time to time. Inexperienced roofers are more likely to make a hazardous environment, but expert roofers led by a top-notch project manager can finely tailor their work conditions to suit your needs.

Do you need zero debris to fly off the roof near the front or back door? Do you need to set aside times when it’s absolutely safe to come and go, or let your dog out into the yard? By working with highly experienced and courteous roofers, you can make sure a home under roofing construction can still be safe for residents to live there, entering and leaving the house safely. Simply speak to your project manager about your home safety needs and your roofers will be more than happy to comply.

Your Home Deserves the Best

What all of this comes down to is that your home and your family deserve the best roofing quality that the industry has to offer. Your home deserves high-quality shingles and expert installation that is guaranteed for last for decades to come before the next major roof installation. You deserve to be kept in the loop and have all your roofing questions answered promptly by an expert who understnds your roofing project inside and out. And your family, pets, and neighbors deserve to interact with roofers who care about their safety and happiness. Who will keep the worksite safe and treat everyone they meet with the utmost professional courtesy.

In other words, your home and roofing project deserves the best roofing company in Birmingham Michigan. And you’ve found us! For more roofing insights or to consult on what Oakes Roofing can do for your home’s roofing needs, contact us today! Our expert team is always ready to offer a consultation, a planning session, and a few friendly pointers on how to improve your long-term roofing experience.